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Assets for Success

Assets are personal qualities that we all have.  Assets for Success focuses on 12 key Assets.  They have been identified by business leaders, community groups, young people and health organisations.  Each is a combination of skill and attitude and considered central to the development of SELF. 

Each Asset is described by a set of codified behaviours gathered from our pilot projects in education, health and employment. 

So, how does it work?

Our aim is to coach influencers or Guides in different contexts to employ Assets for Success for the benefit of themselves and their Graduates.  Sorry… what?  Don’t panic, terminology explained below:  

Context – (various organisations within health, education and employment) this is the environment in which Assets is introduced.  This may refer to an entire organisation or one team or department within an organisation.  You can read more about the different contexts we’ve worked in so far on our Projects page.  

Guides – are key individuals that have influence within their context.  We work closely with Guides to help them embed Assets for Success into their context.  They’re the filling, and without their engagement we’re toast.    

Graduates – are individuals that a Guide has influence over.  We coach Guides to coach Graduates in Assets for Success.  We call them Graduates because they’ve always got something to bring to the table.  

Guardians – we felt left out so we called ourselves Guardians (and because alliteration is irresistible).  There’s no such thing as an expert.  We constantly learn from Guides and Graduates.  But we live and breathe Assets and want to share it with as many as possible.  So, we’re Asset Guardians (no galaxy I’m afraid).  

We’ve chosen to share Assets in this way for several reasons:  

Rapport – Guides are likely to have a good rapport with Graduates already.  We want to make use of this and build upon it using Assets.

Understanding Context – Guides know their context, and the routines and processes within them, inside out and back to front.This makes them best placed to integrate Assets.

Accessibility – coaching Guides takes only a little time from a small percentage of the workforce. With this small input, Assets can be made accessible to everyone.

Sustainability – giving Guides some responsibility in coaching others makes lasting behavioural change across an organisation more likely.

Benefits for Guides – Assets gives Guides the opportunity to reflect on their own well-being and develop specific Assets such as leadership and consideration.  

We call this a cascade model (think lush foliage and sparkling waterfall).  It’s cost, time and resource effective.  It allows Assets to filter down through an organisation, so it benefits everyone long after our involvement has ended.  

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So, how does it work?
What do we do?
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What do we do?

The intensity of our involvement depends on your needs.  It can include:

Assets for Success Material Pack – including Asset Profiles to measure Graduate progress, Asset Recipe Cards to illustrate each Asset, and tailor-made resources containing tools and techniques to embed Assets.

Coaching for Guides – to delve deep into Assets and give Guides the opportunity to engage with Assets first-hand.  This could be a condensed introductory workshop or several workshops over weeks or months.  Whatever suits Guides needs and works within the context.

Checkpoints for Guides – integrating Assets and reaching behavioural change goals takes time – at least 12 weeks to be precise.  We can set up checkpoints during this process.  We help iron out teething problems and give Guides a chance to compare experiences, ask questions, reflect and feedback.

Workshops for Graduates – our aim is to train Guides, but we know it’s hard to turn down the opportunity to see more of our pretty faces*.  We offer workshops for Graduates to introduce Assets, and at intervals as needed thereafter.  These are tailored to meet Guide visions and suit Graduate needs.

*Prettiness of Guardians varies and cannot be guaranteed on the day – sorry.

We hope this gives you an idea of what we offer.  At imagine if, we’re all about conversation and co-creation.  We want to work with organisations to find a combination of inputs that make Assets for Success work for you.  Get in touch by emailing us at 

Read more about the benefits of Assets in health, education and employment on our Project page.

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