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Assets for Success

Assets for Success is a strength-based coaching framework. It makes improving and protecting well-being sustainable by making it a part of daily life. We work closely with you or your organisation to adapt our tools and approach to help you reach your goals.

So, how does it work?

Assets for Success…

  • Helps people realise what they have to offer.

  • Develops skills and attitudes that support well-being, build resilience and unlock potential.

  • Enables you to spot signs of poor mental health, develop the confidence to have conversations about well-being, and learn techniques to support others around you.

  • Integrates tools into your everyday routine to create positive habits for well-being; lasting behavioural change that protects well-being.

  • Coaching, workshops and continued guidance in 1-2-1 session and group workshops.

  • Informal, empowering and light touch for greater engagement and ownership.

  • Creates a sense of belonging and purpose for individuals and groups that encourages kindness, improves collaboration, and builds trust.


You can read more about the different organisations and communities we’ve worked with so far on our Projects page.

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Sustainable and Accessible...

Parallel process: improves wellbeing, develops employability and social skills, boosts productivity and nurtures social connections.


Alongside self-development, we guide people to pass Assets onto others – friends, colleagues, communities – so we can reach more people. We call this a cascade model.  It’s cost, time and resource effective.  It allows Assets to filter through a community or organisation, so it benefits everyone long after our involvement.