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Our Goals and Principles

Firstly, it’s important that you know why we’ve developed Assets for Success and what we’re trying to achieve.  To keep you in the know and us on track, we’ve created some principles we’re going stick to:

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Recognise value in individuals and communities to support them to reach their potential.

Continuously develop awareness, understanding and respect.

Create safe community spaces where we can learn, make mistakes and develop resilience.

Work together to find common purpose, create opportunities and develop a sense of belonging.

Promote equality and level the playing field.

Encourage the small, everyday actions that amount to kindness.

Promote interdependence and shared responsibility between individuals and organisations.

Empower communities to drive social and economic progression. ​

Assets for Success has been used in education, health and employment.  We work in partnership with different organisations to make Assets for Success work for them.  Here are some examples Asset success (pun intended) so far:

     -     Support staff working with NEET young offenders
     -     Help young carers realise what they have to offer
     -     Employability for those with SEND
     -     Preparation for Yr 6’s transition to secondary
     -     Prepare young people for employment
     -     Ready those in line for specialist mental health support
     -     Creation of dementia friendly environments
     -     Uniting communities to tackle loneliness & support ageing populations
     -     Support the development of encouraging management styles
     -     Act as a CV, helping employers recruit with meaning and imagination
     -     Guide conversations about race, equality & mental health at work
     -     Transform sport and fitness coaching into more than balls & boots

We’re confident there are many other contexts where Assets can help people reach their potential. We realise we’re not the whole solution – you can’t put an end to homelessness by boosting confidence; developing ex-offenders’ ability to collaborate isn’t holding down a job; helping people realise how resilient they are isn’t going to stop them feeling lonely.  But Assets nurtures the mindset and skills that fuel these processes. Assets empowers people to get the most out of support they’re receiving and see new ways to move forward. 

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