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Clyde's Recipe Book Launch

On the 26th of October we had a book launch for one of our longest standing Perranwell Hub attendees and Carnon Downs man, Clyde Pascoe.

Clyde's Recipe Book Launch

Clyde Pascoe's Recipe Book Launch!
We had a very special Perranwell Health and Wellbeing Hub in Oct, as it was also the launch date of a recipe book of one of our long-standing Hub members, Clyde Pascoe. Clyde, who has been baking since he was a small boy has been coming to the Hub since March 2021. His earliest food memory goes back to when he was only 2 years old in the 1930s, when he remembers his Granny baking cakes on a Cornish range.

The recipe book, which is now on sale at outlets across mid Cornwall, came about when Community Navigator, Sharon Nettleton (working for Community Connect Cornwall), heard about Clyde’s recipes and saw his recipe book. Clyde’s stories of winning awards and trophies at both the Stithians and the Royal Cornwall Shows with his recipes got Sharon thinking about how she could support Clyde to pass on his recipes to others. She borrowed Clyde’s hand-written recipe book and took it to Truro Creative Writers’ Group who agreed to take the recipes and make them into a book which could be published for all to enjoy. Russell Winn, who is associated with the Truro Creative Writers’ Group, not only transcribed the recipes but baked them as well, while Sue Short and Christine McHaines, members of Truro Creative Writers’ Group, worked tirelessly to add illustrations and photographs and edit them to make a publishable book.

When Clyde found out what had happened he was overwhelmed with the idea that his recipes would now be published. This book was now taken by Community Connect Cornwall and the RVS Hub in Perranwell Station and published with the help of Swift printers and is now available to buy at several outlets across Cornwall with profits going back to the Wellbeing Hub and to Clyde’s chosen charity, I-Sight Cornwall.

You can buy a copy of Clyde’s recipe book at Etherington Farm Shop, Perranwell Post Office and Stores and at the I-Sight Cornwall offices in Truro or email Ellen at Community Connect Cornwall at direct to be sent a copy. Each book costs £6.50 with extra P&P if you’d like to be sent one by post. If you’re interested in finding out more about Truro Creative Writers’ Group then email Sue Short at:

Also if you’d like to donate direct to the RVS Health and Wellbeing Hub in Perranwell Station then please go to our just giving page:
Also, if you feel like you’d like to come to The Health and Wellbeing Hub or you know anyone else who might benefit from coming along then why not come along to the Hub then email Ellen at to find out more.

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