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Meet the Team

It’s now time to meet our greatest Assets!  We are proud of our little team, though we are all works in progress too.    Together we make a difference – we bring people and perspectives together, promote equality and diversity, unleash potential, supervise crash landings, inspire change and celebrate the little things – nudging individuals and communities along that upward spiral. 

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Kevin Feaviour, Founding Director:

Founder and Director of imagine if, Kevin’s career makes for interesting reading.  After qualifying as a pilot, Kevin decided that air-traffic control in the brain was more up his street runway.


Kevin has extensive experience working as a psychologist in education, social care, youth services and business development.  He’s designed programmes and projects for organisations across the UK, in Europe and the US, focusing on everything from trauma to change management, and working with people of all ages and backgrounds.


Imagine if… takes you on a collaborative journey and our approach is always personalised to suit the needs of the individual, the team and the company. We emphasise and celebrate the importance of the journey because valuing the process is as important as the outcomes. As are the people who make that journey – after all, people are worth it, wellbeing is invaluable, and sustainable investment makes the most sense.


To say Kevin is a people person would be the understatement of the century.  He also loves being active through cycling and walking; he enjoys the seaside and cooking up a storm. 


Kevin has a natural talent for engaging people and getting them on board. He listens and understands other people's perspectives and provides bespoke support to help them develop local solutions. He leads from the front and is a charismatic presenter.” – Sue

Anna Hendrey, Director:

Anna studied LLB Law with Psychology.  After working as an Immigration Compliance Officer at London South Bank University, she joined SL5 Legal (Tuckers Solicitors) as a Paralegal.  SL5 specialises in Prison Law and Human Rights.  Anna represented prisoners throughout the Parole Board process, providing legal advice, explaining complex procedures, and supporting clients and their families every step of the way. 


Working at SL5 led me to realise that many of us don’t have the skills or mindset to manage conversations, maintain relationships or regulate our emotions.  This applied to the prisoners I represented and others who worked with them.  Many simply don’t have the resources or confidence to fuel self-development or initiate change.


We need to move away from analysing our shortfalls and take a strength-based approach to learning and rehabilitation.  To give people an understanding of their Assets empowers them, and with the right attitude and collaborative mindset, empowered people can create positive change.


She spends her spare time walking around London, trying to find ways to save the planet without giving up cheese.

Louise Cole, Director:


Louise has a background in international, community and youth development.  She is admired for her commitment to innovative collaborations, having worked in diverse education, voluntary, community and local authority settings as a trainer and facilitator.  She brings exceptional programme management and organisational development expertise through her previous senior leadership roles.


A Director of imagine if since its inception, Louise designs and delivers strength-based programmes, coaching and training to push that spiral upward.  She is driven to unlock the power and potential of people, enable them to better respond to each other and work collaboratively to make great things happen.


My vision is for imagine if to reach a wider audience because our tools are powerful ways of creating positive change.


Louise also works in her own local coastal community developing creative, place-based projects that connect people through art and culture.


Nikki Kelly, Community Connect Cornwall Lead:


Nikki is the Head of Community Connect in Cornwall.  She is an experienced community practitioner working with the public, private and voluntary sector for over 25 years, leading and developing national and international programmes of work.  Nikki can spot opportunities a mile away and is never far from her next brainwave.


[Nikki] has amazing vision and foresight for what needs to be accomplished and proactively puts in the plans to make it happen… The work she is doing and the impact she makes internally and externally is to be admired and commended!” – Lisa


Nikki is a mum of two, a nan of two, a wild water swimmer, keen cyclist and has just taken up gig rowing.

       Libby Huddy, Community Navigator, Community Connect Cornwall:


Over the last 2 years Libby has built up a wealth of experience working as a social prescriber for Imagine If in the Coastal PCN and Truro areas. Libby has set up a number of regular groups in our network, such as the Menopause Support Group, the Royal Cornwall Museum art and wellbeing group in Truro she's currently running our Pain Walk and Talk. Libby has also been crucial to the success of our Pain Cafe's activity across the County. She has been very involved in setting up the Perranporth Hub working alongside the community to make sure the Hub is as well connected and well used as possible. In 2023 Libby will be focusing more on the Hubs and her role as Community Navigator in the Coastal PCN communities and in Truro.

Vicky Taylor, Social Prescriber, Coastal PCN:

Vicky joined the team in Oct 2022 and is replacing our previous Community Navigator, Sharon Nettleton. She works across the whole Coastal Cluster PCN area, with a focus on supporting Carnon Downs and Chacewater surgeries. She's an advocate for personalisation, and loves sharing her enthusiasm, passion and drive with the people she works with and the heart-warming feeling of enabling a person is her definition of success.


She gained extensive experience working within the community in all different areas, combined with her life experiences that have given her the ability and an edge to support a variety of people. 


Vicky is married and mother of two older children, she loves spending time with my animals and enjoys her Cornish surroundings and the countryside.

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