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Imagine if worked in partnership with Nando’s regional managers and national HR team to co-create their own Assets for Success Profile for Nando’s employees.  We transformed our 4G rating framework into a “peri-ometer” – from Lemon & Herb all the way to Extra Hot – to give current and prospective employees a flavour of the qualities they have which make them sparkling candidates.

Alongside the Profile, we delivered several bespoke workshops during Nando’s recruitment fair. Workshops included front of house role play, making your own hot and spicy sauce and grilling demonstrations, all the while unpacking the behaviours and attitudes that make up the Assets.  Prospective employees were made aware of and encouraged to explore their own Assets and the Assets needed for particular roles in the Nando’s team, helping to build their confidence and find a job which they would enjoy.

The Asset Profile replaced the CV.  Candidates used it to advertise and articulate their strengths, whilst managers integrated it into the recruitment process, helping them to devise interview questions and compare candidates.  We encouraged our Asset Graduates to regularly refer back to their Profile, in order to celebrate their progress and remind them of the desirable, transferable Assets at key times in their future career.

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