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Our Goals and Principles


It’s important that you know why we’ve developed Assets for Success and what we’re trying to achieve.  To keep you in the know and us on track, we’ve created some principles we’re going stick to:

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Recognise value in individuals and support them in reaching their potential.

Continuously develop awareness, understanding and respect.

Create safe spaces in which we can learn, make mistakes and develop resilience.

Work together to find common purpose, create opportunities and develop a sense of belonging.

Encourage the small, everyday actions that amount to kindness.

Promote interdependence and shared responsibility between individuals and organisations.

Empower people to drive social and economic progression.

Assets for Success has been used in education, health and employment.  We work in partnership with different organisations to make Assets for Success work for them.  Our vision is to bring together these organisations to encourage shared responsibility, enable change, and create sustainable futures for every community.