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A new phase for the Farming Health Hub begins

At the end of 2022 Imagine If took over the management of The Farming Health Hub, previously managed by Duchy Cornwall. So far we've overseen the final stages of the Farming Health Hub Report written by the University of Exeter and that has now been published. Now a new phase for the Farming Health Hub begins, as we're opening up the conversation about health and wellbeing in farming to the people right at the heart of the farming communities and those working alongside farmer.

This June Imagine If, the Farming Health Hub and the University of Exeter are hosting three unique Farming Focus Groups. These groups are looking to engage farmers and their families, as well as people from all backgrounds who work alongside farmers.

We are wanting to reach people from all sorts of backgrounds - you might be a Vet, Bank Manager, Insurance Broker or Accountant who supports farmers with health and wellbeing concerns on an adhoc, informal basis, and we want to hear from you.

The partners involved in the Health Hub would love to see you at one of the Focus Groups exploring health and wellbeing in farming communities.

You can attend any of the following sessions – in Devon and Cornwall in person, or online. Please use the links below for details on how to book a session:

27th June - Online:

28th June - Cornwall:

29th June - Devon:

For more information about the sessions, please contact Lucy Szaboova - or Rebecca Wheeler -

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