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We coordinate, promote and deliver a range of activities and interventions that engage and encourage communities to develop new ways of thinking, being and doing. We seeks to inspire new ideas, challenge people to try new things and make new connections, exposing them to a range of opportunities.

We do this using three, adaptable solutions that tap into potential, empower development, improve wellbeing, and increase productivity. We empower people to recognise, develop and celebrate their Assets; help them feel they belong to a community; and assist them to access the support and services they need.

The HUB Network
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The HUB Network

We’ve developed HUBs in disadvantaged areas. HUBs are safe, welcoming spaces in the heart of communities, where people of all ages come for a chat. HUBs bring together support services: health, social care, financial and careers advice, wellbeing support, and signposting services. We run high-quality activities, workshops, and training to promote engagement, wellbeing, and skill development, including exercise classes, educational workshops, and art and cultural activities. The HUB Network enables shared learning and resources, creating resilient community infrastructures that improve the wider determinants of health and increase enterprise.


Training people integrated in their community (Ibelong Mentors) with the skills and confidence to have wellbeing conversations with others. Rather than creating a new wellbeing service, we work with structures and services that exist locally. Together, we build capacity to respond to those in need, empowering them with coping and self-management skills that improve wellbeing. Ibelong Mentors and training can play a key role in HUB Networks.

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Assets for Success

A strength-based development tool, helping people recognise, enhance, and use their skills, building confidence, improving self-management, helping them find purpose and reach their potential. It encompasses research into Social and Emotional Learning, Executive Functioning and Self-Regulation.   Assets has been successfully used by Ibelong Mentors in HUBs and other contexts. 

Assets for Success
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