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Well-being, North Wales

Funded by the North Wales Transformation Fund, we have designed a digital well-being assessment tool with Umbrella Insight.  The research is part of the North Wales Social Care and Well-being Improvement Collaborative, involving Early intervention, Child Psychology, Psychological Therapy, the Local Authority and Child and Adolecents Mental Health Services (CAMHS).  The webapp provides us and other organisations with feedback about how people in certain demographics or locations assess their own well-being.  It’s a great benchmark for gathering data.  The facial expression emoji format makes it accessible and simple to use.

The webapp was rolled out across North Wales to parents of 8-12 years olds in early 2021.  It was a huge success; the completion rate was excellent, with users describing it as easy to follow.  The data collected has been used to create a comprehensive well-being framework, helping parents, schools and professionals to come together to tackle well-being challenges as one unit.

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