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Our background

Imagine If was founded by Community Psychologist, Kevin Feaviour in 2019. Community is at the heart of all our work. It began by recognising individual and collective untapped potential; that empowering people to use and enhance their skills, resource and relationships increases capacity for self-management, confidence, peer support, and enterprise.


The second key was understanding the circular relationship between wellbeing and productivity. People better able to manage their wellbeing have an increased capacity for productivity; being productive, feeling useful or having a sense of purpose increases self-esteem. Since then, we’ve worked with a wide variety of “communities”, learning that each, and every one has a unique, circular relationship.


We've combined all we’ve learnt to create three, adaptable solutions that tap into potential, empower development, improve wellbeing, and increase productivity. Our projects found in our menu, demonstrate our journey in detail and show how our solutions developed.

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