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The Hub Network

HUBs are one of our solutions. We’ve developed three HUBs in Cornish communities. HUBs are safe, welcoming spaces in the heart of communities, where people of all ages come for a chat. HUBs bring together support services: health, social care, financial and careers advice, wellbeing support, and signposting services. We run high-quality activities, workshops, and training to promote engagement, wellbeing, and skill development, including exercise classes, educational workshops, and art and cultural activities. The HUB Network enables shared learning and resources, creating resilient community infrastructures that improve the wider determinants of health and increase enterprise.

Perranporth Community Hub

The Perranporth Hub was set up to combat loneliness and isolation, and support people to reengage in work, employment, training, and the community. We’ve created a safe space for people of all ages to come and feel part of their community, seek out advice and guidance, get involved in curated activities and develop a range of skills. We have connected with numerous partners and offer an array of educational and inspirational activities to the community. It has been successful in fostering a shared sense of belonging, increasing engagement and enabling self-management. The HUB is becoming more sustainable through the involvement and training of local volunteers.

Perranwell Health and Well-being Hub

The Perranwell HUB also combats loneliness and isolation but with a focus on the health of older members of the community. It was set up to relieve pressure on Primary Care Networks in the Perranwell area, providing a community space for older people to seek health support and advice. The Community Matron is a key partner and is present at HUB sessions for 1-2-1 check-ups. This has kept the more vulnerable in society away from GP surgeries, acted as an early warning system for emerging health concerns, and connected the dots between health and social care. Activities and skill building are also key, focusing on supporting debilitating health conditions and fragility. Attendees often become regulars and transport is arranged for them where needed.

Ponsanooth Well-being Hub

The Ponsanooth Well-being Hub was started in February 2023 and is being delivered once a month in the Ponsanooth village, led by Imagine If Partnership and supported by Volunteer Cornwall and the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS). The aim is to increase social interaction to reduce isolation and loneliness, improve access to regular health care and help people manage their own health needs and better respond to those around them. Communities are vital places of support and care; the hubs aim to enhance this.

Troon Health and Well-being Hub

The aim of the hub is to provide a place where isolated people in the community can come together and enjoy recreational activities, connect with new people and reconnect with others. Troon is a deprived rural area which has gradually lost local services i.e. doctors, public houses, butchers, fish and chip shop etc. The village is a mile away from the local town which some of our most vulnerable attendees are unable to get to. So providing a welcoming place they can come to, right on their doorstep, makes a huge difference. The hub helps to develop a variety of skills and provides a social aspect, which some people may have lost over time.

The hub establishes regular activity and movement through Tai Chi, armchair yoga, live music and dancing and other additional activities.

Through the hub we have opened a Chronic Pain Cafe, Farming Health Hub and a weekly craft session. We support the running of the craft group by offering signposting, engaging in well-being conversations and helping with organising professionals to give workshops on particular craft sessions.

Chacewater Health and Well-being Hub

R, Hub attendee

Thank you so much for today. It was amazing! Meds aside, it was really a great day… It is the longest I have been out of the house in 8 months. (And for something else than work, ‘by myself’, it was the longest in 10 years).
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