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Imagine If launches its first in person Farming Health Hub in Troon

Updated: Feb 28

The first Farming Health Hub drop-in is in Troon on the 12th of Feb from 6.30pm – 8.30pm with pasties and refreshments to support farming families who are busy during the day. It will be an informal session where we welcome the farming community to join us to share their ideas and thoughts about what they want to see happen at the health Hub and how these Hubs can best support them as a community.

The Farming Health Hub will work within rural farming communities to provide place-based advice, support, and guidance in local venues and outreach sessions delivered at markets and pop- up venues at agricultural shows rather than farmers and their families having to visit more formal environments.  We hope to grow a network of place-based support in a range of rural locations.
We have worked with a range of partners and organisations from the private, public, and voluntary sectors and research with Farming Families, and organisations that support agricultural communities and working with Exeter University Rural Policy Research to develop our research and our approach to complement and add value to existing support within the agricultural sector.
Vicky Taylor, The Coordinator of the Farming Health, and Well-being Hub said:
“We hope that by providing information and support in rural farming communities people will find it easier to access what is available for their physical health and mental wellbeing through the Farming Health Hub and range of activities that can help to support their business health. We work alongside many key partners to make sure our provision is well used, well connected, and can maximise our reach to increase our positive impact within communities across the whole county.”

For more information about The Farming Health Hub please contact Vicky Taylor at or Nikki Kelly at For more press photos or any other publicity details relating to the Farming Health Hub please email Ellen Moule at

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